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Tulsa Tough Blue Dome - Day 1

Been a long while since I posted, but my fitness hasn't recovered super fast from my separated shoulder, so I haven't wanted to do a lot of traveling without having complete confidence in my racing.

Anyway, I knew a front row start would make my life immensely easier last night, so I track-standed till the follow moto came around and I full-on sprinted onto his wheel and straight to the front row. TP rolled up behind me and, Nemo was behind him. I floated in the top 10 for the first 10 laps because I knew the carnage would happen then and at the tail end of the race. Right when I slipped back they started ringing primes. I missed them all, as there were only 3(?), then I started seeing lightning.

When we had 16 laps to go the lightning was getting dangerously close. After seeing 10 laps to go, we saw 5 to go. Game on. I was on TP's wheel, but he said he was out for the finish, so I floated in the top 25. The rain started with 3 to go. People just started falling down, or sitting up. With 1 to go, I was in ideal position, top 15 and feeling fresh enough to jump with 3 turns to go. Then, going into, not in the turn, but going into the 2nd turn 6th-20th fell on the ground. So I slid on my asss for 15 feet across the street. Race over, I hopped up and rolled through to the finish.

Today's crit in the Brady District should be fun, and again, I'll get a front row start to keep my life simple for the first part of that race. Off to wash bikes, and go for a coffee cruise.

CU and UW Weekend

This past weekend was the Colorado University and Wyoming University crits weekend. Saturday we were in Boulder for a zero-turn crit in the Colorado Sunshine. Sunday we were in the ghost town that is Laramie, WY where it was 40, cloudy, and windy. Courses couldn't have been much different either. After Saturday's NASCAR'esque style circuit, Wyoming was a 6-turn course with a really cool chicane that could be railed if you were on the front and wanting to scare the 22 Fort Lewis riders who encompassed most of the field.

Being the first collegiate race of the season the CU race on Saturday had some pretty high nerves. Pace was constantly high as there were no turns, and little wind to slow down the field. I got away early in a 5 man break that dangled just off the front for 10ish laps. Zack got off too, but his big break was shut down by FLC. The officials started counting down laps from 30 Laps to Go. So we knew exactly when we needed to be at the front. Unfortunately, after an attack by Josh Yeaton (CU) with 3 to go, the whole field got reshuffled and I got pushed off Zack's wheel. Luckily Dylan took over, and with 1 to go Zack was on Luke Harris's wheel. Luke died just after the start of the lap. The pack lulled, and I gunned it. I was coming fast on Zack who was 3rd wheel, he heard me / I was yelling my lungs off, so he was on my wheel. The field didn't respond, but there were a few guys who did. I died with 200 meters to go, and Zack gotten nipped by the German-man-child Richard Geng. I held on for 6th as the rest of the field were still back at the last turn picking at one another's underpants.

The next day was in Laramie, Wyoming. 30 seconds in Zack got off the front with an FLC guy, who he dropped once they were a half lap up. I rode on the front for about 28 of the 31 laps we did, so I mostly controlled the group. I let another break of 4 roll up the road with a couple of our guys in it. 5 laps later, I got the code word from Whitney that Zack was getting close. So I drifted off the back, and in all their wisdom the rest of the field just watched me. Zack caught on and then it was on like gang busters, as the 4 man break was only 30 seconds behind Zack. So for the next 15 laps we 2-man-TTT'd the front of the field and pushed the break back to 45 seconds by the finish... Plenty of time to try and line up a sprint. I think I was 9th or 10th on the day, which I was happy with considering I was our lowest placed guy. We had FIVE guys in the top 10, plus the V. I'll take it.

Grey Rock

About and hour and half in we got to the Plataea at 7,000ft. Adam asks "Where's the the elevator?"

Lang on the summit... and Fuzzy creepin' up behind me

The trails were a bit snowy in the shade, but still 45 degrees or warmer. Perfect for long sleeve tee shirts.

The Poudre River at the Trailhead just before sunset

it's almost here

The road season is finally upon us. I know some of the guys have already started racing. Austin was at Froze Toes in Columbia, MO this past weekend and I think some of the Mercy boys will be down in Texas for the Lago Vista races this coming weekend.

I've been training hard. I know that I'm faster than I have ever been in February, thanks in part to Kevin Younger and Jonathan Garcia at AIC Training. Its just been great being injury free, and its amazing how much power I have when I'm not battling back problems and jacked up hip issues.

Anyway, this past week we've had some crazy weather. It snowed a lot, Thursday and all day Friday last week which meant to Oval ride on Saturday. So instead of riding in slush and being cold me, Fuzzy, Lang, and some girls went on a hike to Grey Rock up in the Poudre Canyon. It turned out to be an awesome day and it was 50 or better all afternoon. Hiking in tee shirts was better than any ride could have been in the slush too.

Stuff like this video from K-B-K, are getting me amped for the season. Especially watching Boonen roll the dice.

Like I said, the season is about to start. Saturday I'm doing a TT just outside of town here. Its a basic 14 mile out and back course. 1 turn-around, typically high winds, and its on a frontage road. I am just hoping to get a good gauge for my fitness, as the RMCCC racing starts in 2 weeks. A time of 26 minutes would make me happy, and it could get me an early top 3 as not many people typically race it. I hope they do, doing really well and beating no one wouldn't be any fun.

las vegas

It’s been a while since I updated this thing. I updated my Your Group Ride journal back when I was in Tucson with the Rams Cycling Team. Tucson was where I first started getting in the miles for this coming road season. I have been training quite a bit at The Athletic Improvement Center, but I have mostly been working on improving my core strength so I can ride injury free all year.

I had a strange thought while I was in Tucson, that while I was just starting to train seriously on the road, my season would not come to an end for a full year in Madison at CX Nationals. That’s a long season, on all accounts, but its nice coming into my road season in good form, for once. To go out on these group rides, and ride with the guys who are going faster than they will all year is refreshing when I’ve only been riding base miles.

I spent this past weekend in Las Vegas with my parents. I had forgotten what it was like to go to the airport with zero baggage, just a carry-on suitcase. It was easy. Vegas was awesome. I want to go back, but not anytime right away. Seeing Garth Brooks and Zipp-Lining in Boot Leg Canyon were the highlights. Been listening to him with my dad since before I could remember. When I was much younger I hated country, but listening to the same Garth Brooks – Double Live CD everytime he would take me skiing when we lived in NY, made it grow on me. I suppose its like positive association, or some kind of psychology word.

Racing starts in about a month, and I’m dying to get after it. I haven’t raced, at all, since mid October. I’m pretty sure this is the longest I’ve gone, since winter ‘06-’07. As ’07 was the first year I did ‘cross nationals, on a borrowed bike, with all the wrong clothing, on frozen ruts in KC.

the next best thing to racing

So many of you have been left out in the dark. Long story short: I crashed on a mtb the day after the Madison USGP. I jacked up my hand pretty bad "fracturing" my thumb. After never wearing my brace, and racing for 3 weeks the pain was more present than before. I see a hand specialist, get an MRI and it says the tendon pulled the bone away from the joint, thus the fracture the x-ray showed. I got surgery 2 days later to have pin put in my thumb to reattach the fractured bone and the tendon. This was the day before the UCI CO CX classic. Thus, the end of my 'cross racing.

No riding the week before surgery. No riding for 2 weeks after. Now I'm back on the bike and training for the road season... wait for it... in NOVEMBER!! Yeah, guess there's a first time for everything.

So, for the last couple UCI weekends I have been an excellent little worker bee. Which, I do enjoy. Gets me close to the race and I get to spend time with teammates and friends. Boulder Cup was a pretty easy weekend to work I did a lot of standing around "and just looking beautiful."

Now this past weekend, two weeks after UCI Boulder Cup was the Fort Collins USGP. A big weekend for our cycling community for my KCCX teammates. Joseph was using it to garuntee his spot at Euro Cross Camp, Shadd wanted to move up in the Masters 35+ race, and master mechanic Tom Price needed to break skulls in the 45+ race. All of which was accomplished.

The weekend started on Wednesday when Richard got into town. You've all seen Richard he drives that big Specialized truck to all of the USGP's. We went to the Rio for some burritos and margaritas and then hit a couple of bars in Old Town. Thursday we did much of the same except with the Mr. Myron Billy (T. Wells's mech). And no his name is NOT Billy Myron, its Myron Billy. I also got to hang out with Todd for a bit before we left their hotel. I even met the legendary Winston!

Friday the boys of KC got into town. We set up camp at the venue just across from the pits and the boys hit the course to get in a pre ride.Saturday came and it was SLOPPY. Made for some busy time in the pits. Especially during the 35+ masters race. GEEZ! Those guys pit every other lap, and for what appears to be, unneccassry. Fortunately, my teammates don't pit for fear of making there be another bike for me to wash. It was busy and sloppy going back and forth to the pit. Jordan from the Gear Movement had a good shot of the muddy power washers on Saturday.

Not pitting didn't faze TP at all on Sunday when he was the only Masters 45+, in the top 5, to not pit and he still crushed souls. Shadd followed him up on Sunday with another heroic ride, which saw him close a 15 second gap in half of the last lap after fighting back from more than 30 seconds down. He caught Mark Legg-Compton with less than half a lap to go, and attacked him past the pit the second time. I was thrilled to say the least. I was pumped, as was Shadd. Then the pro race came and everyone started falling down. T. Wells ate it over the barriers, according to Towle "Wells goes down... and he is NOT GETTING UP." Joseph went down too on the downhill took a good knock to the head and was in La--La land. We packed up quick, like a bunny, and were off to see Joey in the hospital. The Wells family got out of their first and Todd was okay but on crutches. Joey came out next with the results of his ct scan proving inconclusive.

Its awesome to be able to help even though I can't be out there. I really do enjoy just being at the races and its a very different feal when there's is zero pressure, but just work hard. The pits on Saturday courtesy of Jordan again. I'm standing a few barriers in facing left (down the hill).